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Research Programme

Research Agenda for the Centre's initial five years

In response to the complex demands of an AI-enabled, data-driven society, the Centre will rely on an interdisciplinary, lateral, cross-sectoral approach. It will however retain a legal/policy-oriented focus.

Each of the 7 Projects is contemplated to operate independently, although the overarching Programme will be designed in such a way as to encourage and ensure collaboration and integration. The Centre will allocate significant attention to knowledge mobilization and translation by way of carefully planned dissemination activities and public engagements.

Above all, the Centre will produce government- and industry-relevant recommendations and papers, as summarized in the following table:

Significant Government- and Industry-relevant Outputs
Project 1: Trustworthy AI
Interrogate the ethical and social dimensions of developing trust in AI: (1) Influencing trust through design (2) Trust attitudes in Singapore (3) Algorithmic bias and explainability
Develop frameworks that promote trustworthy AI: (1) Policy recommendations on whether regulation of design is needed to avoid the manipulation of trust in AI (2) Policy recommendations to facilitate development of regionally-appropriate AI (3) Best practices for organizations employing AI to make decisions affecting the public
Project 2: Privacy and Data Protection in World of Data-Driven Agency
Explore the legal, ethical and social dimensions of using big data to carry out tasks: (1) Regional standards of regulation (2) Data protection and cybersecurity (3) Health records and data protection (4) Privacy laws and regulations (5) Intersection of ethics and privacy in data use/AI (6) Legal, ethical and governance issues on development and use of AI in private security
Promulgate policy recommendations in the use of big data: (1) Synthesize regional standards of big data regulation to advance policy-making in Singapore (2) Policy recommendations on cybersecurity’s role in data protection (3) Policy recommendations on health records and data protection (4) Policy solutions to develop legal responses to compromised collections of data (5) Background paper on Singapore society’s valuation of privacy in data use
Project 3: Transforming Labour Force
Consider how AI and data-driven technologies will fundamentally change the labour force through: (1) Market-Based Regulatory Tools
Encourage policy recommendations relating to the labour force in age of AI and data use: (1) Market-Based Regulatory Tools
Horizontal Issues for Projects 4 and 5: Legal Foundations in the Regulation of AI and Data use
Provide intellectual anchors for Projects 4 and 5 in: (1) Legal liability (2) Regulatory frameworks (3) Ethics
Produce academic papers to form intellectual anchors for policy-making in: (1) Legal liability for AI (2) Regulatory frameworks for AI (3) Ethics in AI
Project 4: Automated and Connected Vehicles Policy
Explore the legal, ethical, social and regulatory issues relating to data-driven transportation technologies: (1) Overview of current vehicular regulatory framework (2) Standard setting (3) Structural, moral and social concerns
Make recommendations on automated and connected vehicles policy: (1) Background paper on current vehicular regulatory framework (2) Draft instruction exercises for creating modern transportation legislation (3) Policy recommendations on structural, moral and social concerns
Project 5: Dispute Resolution: managing and preventing disputes and the role of professional advisers
Examine the opportunities and challenges AI/big data present to the dispute resolution industry: (1) Access to justice, dispute resolution and AI/big data (2) Decision-making and professional advice-giving in dispute prevention and resolution
Make policy recommendations on dealing with impact AI/big data will have on the dispute resolution industry: (1) Background paper on how impact of AI on credit scoring and financial exclusion (2) Policy recommendations on regulatory and ethical frameworks for fintech
Project 6: Fintech Policy
Examine the opportunities and challenges AI/big data present to the financial system: (1) Use of AI in banking industry (2) Use of AI in capital markets
Make policy recommendations on dealing with impact AI/big data will have on the financial system: (1) Background paper on how AI/big data transform dispute resolution processes and access to justice including role of professional advisers (2) Policy recommendations on regulatory and ethical frameworks for online dispute resolution
Project 7: Intellectual Property and AI
Examine how developments in AI challenge the existing norms of intellectual property: (1) The changing conceptualization and application of IP law (2) Laws and policy in key drivers of AI innovation in Asia (3) Developments and challenges in selected IP-intensive industries
Make policy recommendations on dealing with IP law and the impact of AI: (1) Policy recommendations on whether and how AI’s involvement demands a change in IP law (2) Background paper on laws and policy of several Asian countries that have become key drivers of AI innovation to facilitate the development of Singapore IP law (3) Policy recommendations on impact of AI on specific creative industries
Project 8: Data-logistics, AI and Transnational Commerce and Trading
Examine the challenges and opportunities brought by AI and big data to transnational commerce and international trade: (1) Redesigning Global Trade Regulations (2) Regulatory Coherence (3) Rethinking International Taxation
Make policy recommendations on various aspects of transnational commerce and trading as affected by AI: (1) Recommend innovative ways to rethink and redesign rules for global trade to better match the reality of global value chains in age of AI and big data (2) Recommendations on harmonizing the international regulatory framework (3) Address problems of international taxation

Last updated on 21 Sep 2018 .